Kp Message 3-9-17… “Why am I even writing anything?

Not to worry, dear, we read your blogs and many times they are very uplifting. We all are feeling the energies, some days better than others. Just get a lot of rest when your body needs it, eat well, move about and experience life, the rest will take care of itself. Love, Windy Star

Kauilapele's Blog

That’s only a question I’m asking myself, at the moment.

Today has felt like an extremely long day. And I felt a strong need to lie down at about 3 PM. So I did, for an hour or so. Yes the day has felt very heavy in some ways, and not at all “freeing”. Like walking through a inner (and outer) mud.

So why am I even writing anything, I asked myself as I trudged through maybe 3 posts today. Sometimes all the “stuff” appearing around the internet tubes is just so not-relevant to what I really am… and who we really are (BEings of Light and Energy and all that).

Then there’s times I just feel like “getting away” and physically flying somewhere for a few days to (try to) get out of the continual, “Hey, look what’s going on over there” or the “My God, that’s so…

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