Saddled with a Fool, Occupation: Drunk

This has been going on long enough, from now on I must vent this stuff out of my system.  Been living with it for years now, at least nine years of hell and ridiculous stupidity.

Of course Cory Chalmers says I should understand and be patient, but it’s hard to be patient when it’s been going on so long.  Not only is my brother a hoarder, he is a practicing drunk.  Of course now he can’t drink (which is a good thing) because he has to be in the mission by 8 p.m. in order to keep himself out of the cold.

Yes, he could come here but what good would that do?  More trouble for me and still just as stupid as always.   I am beside myself with rage, and worry, now which comes first I don’t know.  Every conversation is a tug-of-war with  him trying to extract money out of me, and me trying to keep it because we need it.  We’re not getting any younger.

That’s all for now, I thought “Occupation:  Drunk” was kind of cute, but it’s not cute when you have to live with it or live with a stubborn beast who will not change and does  not care how  he hurts his family members.


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