How to Help a Fool

Yes, thanks, I would like to write, here we go:

Oh, how to help a fool?

First thing, you can't help a fool...!!

And  secondly, always remember the first thing.

With all this, you'd be set for life for many are wanting and hurting but not many
 want to do the work to help themselves and thus others.  This is a deep subject for

And I'm a not going to pay anything right now to do this, but if in the nebulous 
future of hope, I do certainly wish for blessings, abundance and all that, but I"m
not holding my breath and I'm not sure of others and what they do and say.

Oh, yes, I've met a few keepers, people that I've been blessed to meet.  And music
I can enjoy like what I'm listening to now, Jimmy Cliff, "You Can Get It If You 
Really Want It', from the soundtrack, such a great album and so inspiring.

Now I've had a lifetime of experience so that's why I want to write about fools.
I am stuck with one in my life, my brother.  A Hoarder.  Wasn't able until recently
to see the Hoarders show but that opened up my mind because before that, all I had
was my rage.

So families so have problems, for sure, many families with problems and many
families are lucky enough not to have anything serious that ever happened to them.
Well, I can't say that's true for my family but that was the one I was stuck with
from birth.

And to honor those who came before, they sacrificed, for sure.  

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